About How I Felt


How I Felt

In 2019 I jammed all my adult anxiety and childhood wonder into a sausage machine and what came out was How I Felt, a series that portrays:
– How I felt about moving back to Sydney after 30 years in NYC (Answer: old).
– How I Felt about being in my mid-50s (Again: old).
– How I felt about returning to art-making after a 20 year break (Terrified).

The series of 200 limited-edition dye transfer prints on acoustic felt tiles are basically a bunch of Angry Jokes, each piece merging nostalgia’s warm embrace with the jarring vicissitudes of aging and mortality. Some cleverpants described the series as existential dad jokes and that works for me.

How I Felt was also the first time I printed on acoustic felt, a process that required a lot of missteps to perfect. Each work is dyed into the same industrial material used for controlling sound in recording studios. My dream is to create custom treatments at scale for commercial and residential spaces, in no small part because I hate noisy restaurants!

Thanks to my crew of punctilious pundits for inspiration: Paul Bernasconi, Scott Holmes and Steve Walsh.