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Guru Adrian

I introduced Guru Adrian in the early 80s when Sydney’s headlines were rife with stories about the dodgy mystic Bhagwan, cults like Scientology, and scandals within the Catholic church. The world seemed in dire need of a commonsensical, secular deity. A Saviour Self, as it were. A Non-Prophet proud to admit he had nothing to offer, albeit while adding, Nothing is Real, Nothing is Free and Nothing means Something to me.

Adrian’s wise sayings, or Adrianisms, like Having Fun is Half the Fun and Realise Your Real Eyes, were first shared through Triple J radio’s fanzine Alan. In short dispatch, Adrianists were popping up everywhere, as were Guru Adrian street posters, graffiti, tshirts, stickers, badges, and Fun Credit Cards.

Guru Adrian became a popular meme in Australia before memes were a thing. His cult following of young non-conformists found a sense of belonging in Adrianetics, the guru’s Philosophy of Fun (not to be confused with Dianetics, the bible of Scientology).

Since the advent of social media I’ve been contacted countless times and asked when the Guru will rise again. I’m working on it.